Thursday, April 24, 2008

Abby's Surgery - Going home

Abby has been sleeping for most of the afternoon. She was awake for about 30 minutes at one point but she slept for a while. She had her IV in so she was getting some good maintenance fluids while she is resting. Miriam and I caught up on The Office, Miriam has been reading, and have been catching up on some picture sorting and emailing. I am also reading a good book, The Ultimate Battle about the battle of Okinawa.

Pop (Miriam's Dad) arrived. He is a good fellow and drove all the way from St. Louis to come see us. Abby had a good time seeing him.

It is 5:25 pm now and we have been discharged. Mimi and Pa (corey's parents) are here with Lukie boy and Abby is really excited to see them. Big thanks to Mom and Dad for watching Luke why we were in the hospital.

Abby is doing great!

Luke's Dedication

We had Luke dedicated on 4/20/2008 at our church, Cornerstone Church. Pastor Tom was encouraging. It was hard to get good pictures so this is the best we have. For us, dedication is an outward symbol to our church body and to the world that we, as parents are dedicating our child to the Lord. We will do the best we can to raise our child up to follow Jesus Christ. We are acknowledge that Luke (rukey boy) is gift from God, that we are blessed to have him, and that we submit ourselves to being humble, teachable, and patient.
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Abby's Surgery - out of surgery

Abby is out of surgery and doing fine. She has woken up a little bit and had some apple juice and a popsicle. She is a bit moody ... loving, sweet, and thougtful one minute then a bit snappy and crabby the next. Understandable. She is excited that her little brother Lukey Boy, Mimi and Pa (corey's parents) and Pop (miriam's dad driving from St. Louis) are going to come see her in the hospital. Abby really wants her IV out but she has to leave it in for a while. She is sleeping right now. She is really doing an excellent job so far. We don't know yet if Abby has to stay the night. The original plan was that she had to but there is a possiblity we may be coming home tonight.

We are satisified with the way things are going at Children's Mercy Hospital. One big plus is that there is wireless access available.

Abby hasn't woken up all the way yet. Sweet girl!

Miriam comforting Abby by lying down with her (baby doll crandall too!)

Notice the "arm band" around baby doll's waist. Because Baby Doll Crandall was going to the operating room with Abby, bdc (baby doll crandall) had to have a an identifier on. Abby chose for bdc to have a belt. Kind of stylish huh?

Our room.

Abby Surgery pre op

Abby is having surgery today. She is having her tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes in her ears. Here are some pre op pictures.

I like how she has her arm holding on to mine.

Abby loves her mommy.

Abby in a wagon going to the operating room.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Abby helping daddy dump some rocks

Abby hard at work

Miriam took Luke to a mommy-baby brunch at our church while Abby and I:
played dress up? NO
went to the mall to go shopping? NO
got her nails done? NO
played house? well kinda sorta, except this house had real work to be done so we did it.
She is so stinkin' cute! Click the picture above to see all the photos.