Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Miriam Surgery: Home

We are home and Miriam is doing OK. The pain is increasing and Miriam is hanging in there. She is sleeping right now. I got some good video of her waking up after the surgery and she it was pretty funny.

Here is a shot of Miriam before the surgery.
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Miriam Surgery: Awake for real

Miriam is awake (coherently now). Her throat hurts (obviously) but she is doing ok and having something to eat now. She is tired and just wants to sleep. The nurse is starting the exit procedure and we will be on our way home soon.

Miriam Surgery: Waking up

I am back with Miriam. She is waking up and is quite the nurse ... even when she is half unconscious. She insists on knowing her stats (blood pressure, heart rate, Oxygen levels). She wants to speak with the doc (who is already gone). Miriam also keeps talking about how the operating room was "gray on gray on gray" ... whatever that means.

Miriam Surgery: Out of Surgery

The doc just came out and said everything went well, no problems. I should be able to go back and see her very soon.

Miriam in Surgery

We are at St. Lukes South. Miriam just went in to surgery to get her tonsils out. She was in good spirits and we were having a good time together. The surgery should take about 20 minutes. I am going to have the video ready for when she is coming out of surgery ... it's good black mail material.