Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby swap

Our dear friends Jesse and Shanee just had a baby three weeks ago.
Miriam and Shanee playing baby swap.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mima puts the kids to bed

Miriam and I were reunited to the rest of our family today (Abby and
Luke) in saint Louis. They were excited to see us and isaiah.

Poppio and Isaiah

We are waiting to go court to gain legal custody. This is a picture of
pop (miriam's dad) with Isaiah.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taking a walk with isaiah

We have been discharged from the hospital and are enjoying it by
taking a nice walk with our new son.

Discharged from hospital and at a park

Friday, August 21, 2009

some isaiah newborn pictures

Here are some more pictures of Isaiah (be sure to scroll down some and see his announcement post).

Adorable (although as with all newborn baby hands, a little non-human looking).
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welcome to the family isaiah

The last picture of the family as a foursome. The Corey and Miriam Crandall family...Miriam, Abby, Luke, Corey. This picture was taken in the morning and later that day...

The proud parents of a new baby boy. The miracle of adoption.

Isaiah Matthew Crandall
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more PA trip

Pop, Miriam, and the kids going for a canoe ride!

Will, Hallie, Abby, Tristan, Luke

Abby and Hallie went to a day camp together and made these shirts. Abby's artistic style tends to be a little on the wild side. She may have inherited her Dad's artistic ability.
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Miriam and kids' trip to PA

Miriam and the kids were able to go to Pennsylvania for the first two weeks in August and visit family. Corey had the opportunity to stay home and work at work and work at home (finishing the retaining wall).

Abby is a little nervous but had a great time once mom got behind her.

Luke is afraid of nothing. What an adorable little face! That's my boy!

Luke and Cousin Tristan (6 months apart) exploring in the woods.
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6 year anniversary

Miriam and I had our 6 year anniversary on August 2 of 2009. We celebrated it last weekend on the Kansas City Plaza. We had a great time and enjoyed some time just for the two of us. We ate at Cafe Trio and walked around the plaza (why does everything close so early?) and shopped. That weekend was quite a bit different than what we are doing this weekend with our new son.

6 fingers, 6 years. Awesome!
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Isaiah Matthew Crandall arrives

At 8:45pm on Thursday 8/20/2009 in the green corner weighing in at a
lean mean 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 inches long...the master of sleep, Isaiah
Matthew crandall.
Welcome to the family son!