Sunday, December 21, 2008

kids live nativity

Our church has a live nativity every year at Christmas time. This year Abby was an angel and Luke was a lion. They did great and looked very good!

In this video, it does not show up very well but, Abby and Luke just look at each other and smile. Luke has a very cute little smile. I love my kids! There are some pictures that my parents took that captured the moment very well. I'll get them and post them.

Monday, December 15, 2008

our family

Abby, Corey, Miriam, Luke

Corey, Cam (my brother) holding Kaden, Brycen, Dad, Mom holding Luke, Abby, Miriam. This picture was taken at our annual Wright-Oligmueller-Crandall family Christmas/Thanksgiving bash. We rent out a gym, eat, play and be merry. Good food, good family, good play, good time.
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our beautiful and silly little girl

These pictures of Abby are just beautiful. She is growing up very fast and I am loving being her daddy. Miriam took these pictures and it just captures Abby's playfulness and beauty ... she takes after her mom in both areas.

The silly shot ... now imagine trying to discipline Abby when she looks at you like this. This is her desperation face. The one she makes when I have some important piece of wisdom, correction, or lesson to impart to her and I say ,"Abby look at my face." She whips out this face and it is really hard not to laugh. I am getting better but it is a struggle not to laugh at this.
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the red chair

We got some good pictures of the kids. Luke is wearing a suit outfit given to us by a dear friend, EB and it looks great on Luke.

Abby wearing her "reindeer ears"

cut little faces laughing

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kids in the snow

Miriam took the kids to a little hill right by our house after a recent snow. Luke was not as big a fan as Abby was. Miriam pulled the kids in the sled and Abby apparently loved going down the hill in the sled.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

travelling with kids to aftrica, being the "other guy"

So this post is not about me but about Scott Hanselman. I don't know the guy but just read his blog, which is mostly about computer technology and programming.

But his wife is from Africa and so they travel there somewhat often. He has some interesting posts about this lately.
Here are a couple.
South Africa 2008 - Travelling Long Distances with Kids and Babies
South Africa 2008 - Being The White (or Black) Guy in the Family
South Africa 2008 - Fence Culture
South Africa 2008 – My Passport is Full

Interesting and funny stuff, especially if you have traveled abroad and seen different cultures.