Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Oval Office Part 2

The five of us in First Lady Laura Bush's office. From left: Joel, Mom, Dad, Me, Jonny.

Me with two of my bros outside the White House. What a fun couple of days it was to just be with my brothers and NO KIDS!!

Mount Vernon--George Washington's Home
It was neat to take a tour of this plantation, it was quite a substantial place: very impressive!

I don't think an explanation is needed here. However, as I was standing here taking a picture, a reporter from Fox National News asked if he could interview us about Obama. So he interviewed me, Joel and Mom about how we feel about Obama in light of the comments his preacher, Wright, has made. I thought it was pretty hilarious to be interviewed about the election, considering I haven't been following it at all. However, I had just recently watched the video clips of his pastor on You Tube and was totally horrified. So, I had a few comments. Apparently my actual interview didn't show up, but my face did show on National News...what does that say about my opinion?
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The Oval Office Part 1

May 1st and 2nd, I had the privilege of traveling to Washington D.C. to meet my little brother, Jonathan, my mom and dad, and my oldest brother Joel. We all gathered there because we had been invited, through Jonny, to meet the President. Jonny had been Laura Bush's Assistant Press Secretary and upon resigning his position, he was told as a thank you, he would be able to invite 4 blood relatives and go to the Oval Office to meet President Bush. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to go! What an incredible experience it was! President Bush was funny and kind. He was friendly in a next door neighbor kind of way. We had the opportunity to talk to him for a little while in the Oval Office, and after we stepped out, we all just kind of stood there in the hallway looking at each other; dumbfounded that we had just spoken with the President of the United States.
After we met with the President, Jonny took us through the West Wing through the main part of the White house over to Laura Bush's office and where he used to work. It was so neat, as we were walking through the White House we passed various White House staff who knew Jonny and were thrilled to see him, giving him hugs, etc. Apparently, he really made an impression on some of those people. One of the men that we met had worked at the White House since the Carter Administration and was the chief calligrapher. He had some interesting things to say about the various administrations he had worked for. Needless to say, I am very proud of Jonny and the person he is and the work that he has done for the Bush Administration. Below are some pictures of the trip.

Standing inside the gate to the White house, before we went into the West Wing.
A Marine standing guard at the door to the West Wing. Apparently, he only stands there when the President is in house.

After leaving the Oval office walk on a covered walkway between the West Wing the the White House. The White building that you see is the outside of the Oval Office in the West Wing, the greenery is part of the Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden with the Washington Monument in the background.
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Abby Says...

I wanted to post some of Abby's recent quotes. Some of them are amazing, and some of them are hilarious. With some of them, I feel compelled to give you some background information. I hope you enjoy!
--Abby hates going to bed and staying there. She usually gets out numerous times per night with some excuse as to why she just can't stay in bed. Most nights it goes like this: Abby stalks quietly into the playroom/home office where Corey and I are working and stands in between us. When asked why she is out of bed, she quickly says, "My tummy and my crotch and my bottom and my back and my face hurt." I turn my face away so she doesn't see me fighting laughter and then tell her I am sorry to hear about her ailments, but she must still stay in bed. Apparently, she figured out that her repertoire wasn't cutting it, so the next time she came downstairs she said, "My toenail polish is making my toenails itch." That time I couldn't control my laughter. She won with creativity. Stinker.
--A couple of weeks ago, Abby had a terrible bout of gastroenteritis, landing her in the ER for IV fluids, etc. Later that week, when she was still battling diarrhea, after a round on the toilet she said, "Are Jesse and Shanee sad that I have diarrhea?" I was a little surprised by the question, but I quickly responded that if they knew she had diarrhea, they would be very sad. (Jesse and Shanee are our dear friends who are missionaries in Nepal. We last saw them in the end of January.)
--"The sun shines on the moon and makes it bright." How she knew that, I have no idea, but was very impressed.
--"Is the house moving?" Asked when she was looking up at the top of the house, watching the clouds zoom past.
--Tonight when I took her back to bed, we walked past Luke's totally silent room and she told me, "Luke keeps on waking me up." Yeah right.
--"Daddy, when I get bigger, you can take me to work with you, and I can help you."

--Luke's big verbal accomplishment is actually not so verbal, but equally cute. He looks silently at you and waves the cutest chubby-handed wave. He also signs, "more"
while he's eating or when he's hungry. He's a total joy!