Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last pic for now

My best buddy and our kids!

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The Kids

Here are the kids at Powell Gardens. They were so cute!

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More pictures of our life

Luke's favorite place to drive his truck: the inside of the dishwasher

Me and my little brother, Jonny (Jonathan, to all of you who are reading), who is about to get married. I can't believe he's about to get married.

Mother's Day at a local Garden

Two best buddies sitting on a stone wall

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Pictures from our day at a petting farm

These pictures were taken during our last outing as a family prior to Corey starting his new job. We wanted to take advantage of his time off and go somewhere fun together as a family during the week. We went to Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas. The kids really loved seeing and petting all of the animals, and Abby was able to take a pony ride!

We are not pictured with animals from the petting farm here...these are our dear friends, Derrick and Tab at Derrick's grandparents 50th anniversary celebration. We had a great night of dancing (with the kids)!

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More of Florida

Abby, so grown up in the airport with her backpack and baby doll, marching ahead of us.
The kids on the beach. Note how Abby pulled her pants up to make shorts. Abby admired the pretty sea shells, and Lukie threw them into the water...the difference between boys and girls.
One day we went to an uninhabited island and spent all afternoon there and had a picnic. It was beautiful and a lot of fun.
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Trip to Florida

We were able to take a recent trip to Sanibel Island Florida with some family and had such a great time! Abby and Luke got to play with their cousins, Hallie, Will and Tristan, and a bunch of Haas friends. We all got a lot of sun and had a blast.
Sanibel Marina on a stormy day. Corey and I had a date here at Gramma Dot's Restaurant.

The kids, playing together under the glass dining room table in the condo. They love to be together. This picture was taken looking down through the table at them.
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