Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Aunt Shelley Hair - Miriam's new style

Miriam got a hair cut (courtesy of my mom ... a talented hair stylist and the lady who has cut my hair all but a handful of times in my life). Abby says mommy has Aunt Shelley hair now (that is a good thing Shelley).


Long hair just before.



The side shot of long hair in the seat and ready to take the plunge.



This is not a dead dog. This is similar to what the new vacuum cleaner bag contents look like though.



Beautiful new style to complement an already beautiful face.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Miriam and Luke bundled up


Christmas Train

I am trying to start a tradition of putting up some kind of train each year ... hopefully one that will go around the tree and among the presents. Abby and Luke thing it's a good idea.



Working and playing in the snow


My big helper.




All bundled up with his mama.



Trying so hard to be just like her daddy.



Daddy's snow angel.



And Abby's angel? Looks more like a butterfly, but it works for me.

Abby the Bumblebee

On 12/16/07 our church put on the annual Kids Christmas play. Abby took up her designated post of being an animal and Luke was a star. Miriam asked Abby what animal she wanted to be and she replied, "A snake." I don't think Abby has quite grasped the symbolic meaning of the snake in relation to church yet ... you know the whole satan in the form of a serpent thing (not really appropriate for the Christmas play). So, after ruling out a snake Abby had to choose between a bumblebee and a lion ... should have been a pretty easy choice right. Abby chose a bumblebee. She was super cute.



Check out the stinger on that one.



Above is how Abby looked in the play. I was charged with transitioning Abby from her church outfit to her bumblebee outfit. She had on a sweater over her long sleeve black shirt and jeans on over her tights. She, of course, wouldn't go anywhere without her boots. Little did I know that Miriam had intended for me to merely replace the sweater with the bumblebee costume and remove her boots. I removed her pants and put her boots back on ... I thought it looked cute.  Kind of fashionably 80's ... which is back in style.



Who could resist giving this bumblebee a hug?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Crandall Family Holiday Bash

A couple of weeks ago my side of the family had our Thanksgiving/Christmas bash. We rent out the Levasy Civic Center which has a basketball court, some bleachers, a stage, and a kitchen. This is just perfect for us to get together, eat, play, have fun, and let the kids do their thing.
The group consists of mainly my mom's side of the family and looks like this:

So there were quite a few kids running around. Grandma Mary (my dad's mom) was also there. The kids had a blast ... I had a blast. There were all sorts of toys, balls, and little kids kitchenettes to play with. My dad and Uncle Rog brought Cornhole and we played it indoors. My dad smoked me. I am still recovering from the loss (but if I get depressed enough from continually losing to him, at least I can wrestle him to the ground and put him in a submission hold). My dad is actually a member of the cornhole association or something.

I didn't have my camera with me and so I don't have any pictures so I am looking for some help from the fam here. if you have some could you email me some, burn them to a CD and email them to me or post them on the web. Thanks.

And I am pretty sure I am at least 51% kid and 49% adult. Games of all kinds just peak my interest.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

You suck!


That is what I tell our new vacuum. We bought a Eureka 4870 Boss vacuum cleaner. This thing really sucks in a good way. New carpet we have had for 7 months  and vacuumed numerous times with our old vacuum still had tons of new carpet fiber on it. Our new vacuum bag was full after 15 minutes of cleaning the new carpet. WOW! I am extremely happy with the performance of this vacuum after just 30 minutes of using it. It is only $130 and is a Consumer Reports Best Buy choice beating the pricey highly touted Dyson cleaners. Did I mention it is only $130. You can get it at WalMart. Now, hopefully it is reliable. I'll keep you updated. I am sure you're on the edge of your seat.

Abby's Apron - made in the USA


Abby opened one of her Christmas presents early ... a custom made apron from Mommy!!! She was thrilled, as you can tell by the look on her face (not being sarcastic).



Helping mom make sugar cookies ... and snickering a bit in the process.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Crandall Update from Miriam

Hello Everyone!

We hope and pray that you are having a blessed Christmas season! We are enjoying the season around here. Abigail was thrilled when we put up our Christmas tree and lights outside. She loves to look at them, but she reminds us that, “we just look, we never touch.” It’s always a bit sobering to hear your own words come out of your two year old’s mouth. We often hear her singing familiar songs to her babies as she nurses and rocks them and she prays with them before they “eat” when she puts them in their highchair. She loves to read them her favorite stories.

As you probably guessed, Abby is doing very well, I often need to remind myself that she is only 2 and not 5. She talks and acts like she is much older than her two years. She loves to undress her baby brother, the other day while I was cooking dinner, she and Luke were playing in the living room. Abby came running into the kitchen and cried, “look at me, mommy, I have Wukie’s pants on!” She was thrilled that she had stripped him down and swapped pants with him. She was quite a site to see with his 6-9 month pants on; tight high-waters would describe her look well. Meanwhile, Luke was rolling all over the place in the living room, happy as can be, with no pants on. Luke is quite a content, peaceful little man. He loves to roll all around and play with his toys. He’s at the stage now where he is pushing his torso, from the waist up off the ground (female push-up style). He’s such a blessing. And it is such a joy for us to see Abby play with him, and his round little face light up as he giggles and kicks with glee. They sure love each other, and we hope that continues for the rest of their lives.

I wanted to share another Abby issue I encounter frequently with her. It involves shopping, which is not very fun with two little ones. Abby insists upon walking while we shop (she shops too), and I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have said to her, based upon the things I have found in our cart…”Abby, please put the Vienna sausages back, no we don’t need corned beef hash either.” “Why do we have these?” Abby—“I want them, mommy.” “No, Abby, we don’t need Doggy Temptations.” (apparently some type of doggy treat for a dog that we don’t own). Or, my embarrassment at having to dump 27 packages of socks of assorted sizes on the floor by the sock racks at Target, because I was too tired and too frustrated to sit there and sort them and put them back while she proceeded to pull more down. The one advantage of having her walking next to me, is that she is a talking Christmas wish list, it makes shopping for her quite easy!

Speaking of Christmas, last night I had the fabulous idea to make Christmas sugar cookies for Abby to “paint” with icing. Even though I followed the recipe perfectly, and even refrigerated the dough to cut down on gooeyness while rolling, it was still sticky and nearly impossible to roll out and a disaster to use cookie cutters with. So, while I am fuming inside, trying to roll out this impossible dough, Abby is standing next to me on a stool with a mound of cookie cutters in front of her. She would quickly grab one and jam it into the dough while I wasn’t looking, ruining that portion of dough, and requiring me to re-roll it, which only worsens the sticky problem. I was getting really frustrated, and she could tell (perhaps because I said, “gosh-darnit” after another one of her swipes at the dough). She looked up at me with a sugary sweet smile (the kind she uses when she knows she’s done something wrong) and said, “Are you happy mommy?” While thinking about how to answer that question, she added, “Do you love God?” and proceeded to ask those two questions over and over. Nothing like being reminded by your young daughter about the reason for the season; I encourage you in this season of busyness and (and sometimes even frustration) to, from the mouth of my 2 year old, “Be happy and love God!”

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Corey, Miriam, Abby and Luke

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Abby and the nativity scene

Abby loves to play with the nativity scene. She often rearranges it ... usually with some pretty interesting combinations.


Moving the shepherd boy. Yes that is a black panther in the back (It's my little addition to the nativity scene every year).



Admiring her work.



And trying to ride the camel and why not? Camels are supposed to be ridden ... right? Poor camel.

A better Christmas tree photo


Friday, December 07, 2007

Lots of Posts

I made a bunch of posts recently so be sure to scroll down and view them all. Also, if you are interested in some non family stuff you can check out my blog

Christmas Tree is up and decorated


Not the greatest picture but it gives you a feel for our living room this Christmas. Abby loves the nativity scene at the right of the picture.



Need I say more?



Maybe not so much this one because I am in it.


Big Sista and liddle brudda!


Good looking photos of our boy



Thanksgiving at the Block House

We spent Monday before Thanksgiving through the following Sunday at Miriam's Mom and Dad's house. We had a great time. Here are some pictures from the week.


Hallie, Me and Abby. Hallie (her cousin) and Abby are in cute matching pajamas.


Luke (our boy), Natalie (Joel -miriam's brother- and Shelley's girl), and Tristan (Dan -miriam's brother- and Sarah's boy). This is the youngest of each of the family that was there over Thanksgiving.


Me, Abby, Hallie, Will (Dan and Sarah's oldest), and Mom Block enjoying the hot tub. The kids loved it.

In general, we had a great time. Food was good, family was great, the games we played were fun (even with those who can't follow directions). And Dan is amazing at fixing/tearing apart/putting back together an ATV ... just for the record.

I posted this entry with windows live writer so if you don't like the way the pictures are linked to then let me know. I may switch back how I was doing it before.