Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring 2011

Corey and Miriam on Corey's 30th birthday!

Miriam and Miriam (Mahder)--I've known her (and her three siblings) since she was born, went on family vacation with them (to Maine for three weeks, when I was twelve) as their mother's helper, and babysat them numerous times, etc. Now, she's a sophomore at my Alma Mater, Truman State University!

Lukie before his haircut--his hair was 5 inches long.

The kids, Corey and his parents and maternal grandmother.

Corey and his dad. Pic taken by Abby, hence the patronizing smile from Pa.

My mom and dad and Abby at a dear friend's wedding.

Lukie at the same wedding, he was ring bearer, and I was matron of honor.

Me and Isaiah at the reception.

Abby and one of her buddies, Paige, at Paige's birthday party.

The extent of my spring decor, bird and bird's next under a cloche. Don't mind the clock propped against the picture on the wall. :-)
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